Our Story

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and visit our little blog! We are certainly happy to have you and we hope that you enjoy everything that you see here!

We thought it only right to start this blog by telling you our story. It is, after all, the reason behind the blog and we think it will be, at the very least, entertaining and, at the very most, inspiring to at least someone out there. So that’s what this post is all about. Us.

The People

We are Martin (left) and Waylon (right), a married couple living the gay version of the “American dream”. We both have established careers and a beautiful home in sunny Florida. We are doggy dads to two beautiful Dachshunds, Clyde and Rupert, and we really have everything that anyone could ever ask for.

The Problem

We’ve recently decided that we need to make a change, though. We want to simplify our life together and create a reality that is uniquely ours. It’s become evident that our careers are serving the purpose of funding a lifestyle that isn’t exactly what we want when they should be supporting our desires to travel, live simply, and enjoy each other.

The Solution

In weighing our options, we decided that the best way to do this is by seizing an opportunity to own our own home in our teeny tiny hometown in Alabama. This means giving up our current reality which is quite…metropolitan (at least comparatively speaking). The city that we live in, although not huge, is fairly large and it includes all of the creature comforts that we as humans are widely accustomed to, like WiFi and great cell reception, both of which are not bountiful where we’re going. While we have some natural anxiety about giving up some of those things, we are beyond excited to create our own little homestead and live life more simply and on our own terms.

The Challenge

Creating this reality includes remodeling the 1950’s home that we’ll be moving into, which is a task we’ve never undertaken before. Not that we haven’t become experts from the inordinate amount of HGTV that we’ve watched. This move also includes moving back to a part of the world that isn’t generally seen as accepting of LGBTQ+ people. But it also includes the amazing Southern hospitality and sense of community that we haven’t been surrounded by for many years. And while we anticipate some hiccups along the way, we thought it might be neat to share our whole journey with you and others who might have similar dreams of escaping the noise for somewhere a little more peaceful.

The Hope

We hope that you’ll be inspired by our story (and even our struggles) to chart your own course and walk the path that is right for you, no matter what that may be. If we can encourage someone to do that, we will have achieved what we set out to do here. We’re excited to start sharing with you on a regular basis, so be sure to check back for future posts!

In our next post, we’ll be introducing you to our new home and sharing some pretty…scary…before photos that would make lesser men run in the opposite direction!


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