Sweet Home, Alabama.

Our Un-Renovated Home

The Task At Hand

Hello, again!

Hopefully if you’re reading this post, you’ve already taken the time to read our first post. If you haven’t, we’d highly suggest it! Anyway, this post is going to be the ‘before’ post of our new home. It’s going to show you the 1950’s house that we’re renovating in our hometown as it stands prior to any renovations. Hopefully in a few months we will be able to look back at this post and see just how far we’ve come in making this house a beautiful home.

The Outside

As you can see, not much has been done with the outside of this house. In its time it was likely very beautiful, but not so much anymore. There is a ton of potential, though, and just look at that yard! There’s plenty of room to sprawl out and create outdoor spaces that we love. We plan to clean up the outside of the house and spruce up the yard with landscaping. We’ll also be replacing the columns on the porch (which are rotting) and painting the shutters and front door. We love to grow our own food, so we’ll be creating a garden space and eventually installing a privacy fence in the backyard. Lots of work, but it’ll be well worth it in the end!

The Inside

If you thought the outside of the house was worse for wear, wait until you see the inside. From the rock-look sheets of laminate on the floor to the microwave mounted on oversized L brackets, it really leaves a lot to be desired. We’ve got big plans for it, though, and it, too, has tons of potential!


The kitchen is, by far, the area that needs the most attention (and money) in this house. It’s small and its layout is not functional at all. We’ve decided to widen it and close off the entrance to the ‘breakfast nook’, turning it into an office. We’re going to put in new bottom cabinets and open shelving above. The plan is to install a built-in to house the refrigerator, and we’re also going to open up the doorway that leads into the dining room so that the spaces feel more connected. New appliances and a farmhouse sink will also bring the kitchen into this century. Our goal with the re-design of this house is to make it much more modern and functional for us, but also to pay homage to the roots of the house.

Living Room

The living room isn’t in terrible shape! It’s floors are the same hideous laminate that you saw in the kitchen, but the walls are painted pine and with a fresh coat of paint, they will help us keep the history of the house while saving some money on sheetrock!


The house has three bedrooms. The first two are awfully tiny, but the master was an addition and it is massive! This will probably be the only renovation that you every see where someone takes away a bedroom, but the bedroom in the first picture here is literally so small that we’ve decided to open up the master closet into it and make a dressing room out of it. This will require closing off the doorway and walling it up, but we think it’ll be much more useful as a dressing room/walk-in closet than the world’s smallest bedroom. The other bedroom is an adequate size for a guest room, so that’s what it’ll be.


Here we have the home’s only bathroom. It’s laid out in the most peculiar way (like a lot of other things in this house). However, we’re going to reposition the bathtub and remove the sink-less vanity, which should create lots more room. We’ll also be replacing the flooring (and subfloor that is rotting around the toilet) and replacing the actual vanity, as well. Eventually we’d like to create a second bathroom, but it’s just not in the budget right out of the gate.

So there you have it! The house! As we renovate this home, we expect that lots of changes may happen with our plans, but we’re prepared for that. We know that we’re creating a home that is right for us, so we’ll take the changes and challenges as they come.

We’re excited to see this thing through, and we hope you’ll continue to follow our progress. We’re going to detail the process in depth in this blog, so if you think you might want to do this someday, hopefully you’ll have at least a rough guide.